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viernheim :: CardsFX
Welcome to CardsFX.com or .de We have a huge card community of German and American trading card, sport card and non sport card collectors. You are invited to join in on the discussions in our forum and get involved in the latest and the greatest conversations or visit us personally at one of our Trade Card shows that we regular hold throughout the year!
We are located and work out of the the Mannheim and Kaiserslautern communities in Germany. We are a multicultural group of collectors. Our primary language is English however we have members that speak German and other European languages. Our mission is to meet new people, grow our community and have fun while expanding our collections. (Karte Sammlung)
Feel free to send any related comments, suggestions and or news reports that you run across to info@cardsfx.com We are always interested in hearing your comments and will post any new media you send forward. Thank you for visiting the site and we look forward to growing the community here in Germany (Deutschland) and in all of Europe!

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Viermheim Card Show, 02 October 2010

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The Viernheim Card show is back and on the calendar. Come visit us Saturday 02 October 2010. We signed the contract with the NH Hotel and this show is locked in and will not be changed. Bring your best cards, do some trading, make some deals and meet a great group of people. We expect this to be a great show, we look forward to seeing everyone. Check CardsFX.com often for updates and information about collecting in the community and pass on the word about the show with our flyer.

Download flyer here.


When: 02 October 2010, 1000-1600hrs
Where: NH Hotel
Address: Bürgermeister Neff Strasse 12.
Zip / City: D-68519 Viernheim (Germany)
Reservations: info@cardsfx.com
Web: www.nhhotel.de

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Viernheim Card Show Canceled

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Terrible news everyone the Viernheim Card show for 24 July has been canceled due to, just too few dealers registered to turnout. We are working confirming the next Card Show for the first weekend in October, we should know in a couple of days if this is locked down. This will be the big one, we already have people inquiring about the show and are wanting to sign up.

We have posted this cancelation information on multiple forum and message boards, our Facebook page and updated the original invitation post below about the cancelation. Please pass the word on to your friends and fellow collectors. We apologize for the cancelation and look forward to an even bigger and better Octo0ber Show….more to follow!

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Card Show #2 is on the calendar so gather your best and bring them to Veirnheim and show off what you have and wheel and deal for the ones you don’t. I am expecting to see all of you there so reserve your place early! It’s not all buisness at CardsFX we plan on having some “CARD WARS” as well! So don’t miss out on the action!!

For Reservations:  info@cardsfx.com

Price: 20 Euro per Table

Cover Charge: n/a

Date : 01 May 2010

Time: 1000-1600hrs

Place: NH Hotel

Address: Bürgermeister Neff Strasse 12. D-68519 Viernheim (Germany)

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The Card Show was a HIT!!

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The turnout at this year’s first CardsFX.com ala Tex card and collectible show was a hit!

The dealers did some selling, the buyers did some buying and both did some trading. As advertised we kicked off the event at 1000hrs Saturday 30 January at the NH Hotel in Viernheim. We had dealers from all around Germany that set up and brought their finest collections. There were a variety of cards and collectibles ranging from the latest rookie sensations cards and figurines to high end memorabilia cards such as an Exquisite Dual Autograph card of Michael Jordan and LeBron James, that one of the local dealers from Kaiserslautern Ed Wetz put up for sale and trade.

There were multiple niches being promoted during the event. The most popular of course being the Basketball cards, American Football cards, Hockey cards and multisport figurines.  

As promised we did our very first CARD WARS tournament. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the rules of CARD WARS let me quickly run through the basics.


You start out with a factory sealed box of cards. Then a little math is needed, the price of the box is divided by an even number of players that intent to play the game. Then all of the players pay their portion of the total price to the dealer. For example a box that costs 80EURO with 20 packs is best divided by 5 players. Each player pays 4 EURO per pack, per round of play. Now on to the rules, the sealed box of cards is opened and all the packs are shuffled on the table in front of all the players. Starting round 1, the dealer calls the round; either he calls for “high” card or “low” card. For this example we will say “High” card. Each player then takes one of the packs from the center of the table and opens their package. All players then review their hand and look for the “high” Common card in their hand.

NOTE: Only common cards are used in CARD WARS, insert, memorabilia, or other cards are not counted.

Once the player has identified their high numbered common card (the poker card) they will then lay it face up on the table in front of themselves. The rest of the cards that are not used are placed face down directly behind the card that will be used for play. Once all players have placed their “poker card” on the table face up, the dealer then reviews all of the poker cards and the player with the highest numbered card “WINS”. The winner then gets all the cards on the table that are face up and the rest of the cards facing down. The winner reviews his winnings and quickly displays the cards that are of most interesting to all i.e. insert cards, rookie cards, memorabilia cards etc. The dealer then begins round 2 and the game continues until all packs are opened and the rounds are over…….

The first CARD WARS game began with a box of 2009-10 Panini Prestige Basketball. We had players involved that were new and some that were seasoned. A few to note were the kiddoes their dads and a few of the local collectors from Mannheim and Kaiserslautern. Man-o-man what a game, there were autographed jersey cards, inserts cards and rookies galore. The big winner of game one was Matt Doyle’s son, he had a lucky streak that kept on going…round after round.

Game two and three were all American Football, we ran with some 2007-08 Topps Chrome as the final finally. These two games were dominated by Timothy Teixeira and Richard Frye. They pulled some the nicest looking refractor cards that we have seen in awhile. The winning hands ranged from silver to gold refractors and everything in between.

The remainder of the show was fast and furious and as the saying goes, time fly’s when you’re having fun.  The boys from Z-Cards attended again and had a super collection of high end items along with all of our friends both military and local nationals alike. Everyone played their part, made some deals, improved their collection, met new friends and in general had some well needed fun. In the end, the event festivities closed with some great special offers or “sonderangebot  ” as they say in German some shaking of hands and the the wave of goodby with a friendly “until next time my friends.”

Well folks as you know at CardsFX.com we will continue to provide you the latest news, updates and information on card collecting here in Germany. Check back often, tell your friends about our community and have some fun. Post your thoughts in our forum!!! The next show will be 27 Feb. 2010 stay tuned!

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