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Topps Match Attax Tour – Mannheim!!! :: CardsFX
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We are located and work out of the the Mannheim and Kaiserslautern communities in Germany. We are a multicultural group of collectors. Our primary language is English however we have members that speak German and other European languages. Our mission is to meet new people, grow our community and have fun while expanding our collections. (Karte Sammlung)
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Topps Match Attax Tour – Mannheim!!!


Well ladies and gentlemen I am here to report that the TOPPS Match Attax Tour that visited Mannheim this past weekend was a blast! Topps Deutschland Tour Manager Marc Unger and team put on one heck of a show Saturday. There were special offers, giveaways, Meister match against some of the Topps Team and collectors from all around the community.

As promoted the show kicked off at 1000hrs. Saturday morning. Albeit a bit cold luckily enough the weather held out for everyone and thank goodness for the heated tents. The public was warm as they played, traded and collected their favorite Match Attax cards. From what I could observe during the tour there was a demographic of ages between 07-55 and a gender break down of close to 70% male and 30% female. I had the unique opportunity to briefly speak with a few of the players and collectors that attended and some of their quotes were “this is the best trading card game on the market” and “ Match Attax is the Hammer!” I have to agree with the public and the turnout was well rounded despite the challenging cold weather.
The special offers that were being promoted were (5) Booster Packs for 5 € and (1) collector tin for 12 €. I am sure most of you out there are much like myself in the sense that I am all for a good old pack of cards and collectors tins. There is nothing better than sitting down with some buddies and opening them up to find the hidden treasures inside.

Let me tell you I did just that, I purchased my first ever packs of Match Attax Bundesliga Trading cards. As always I started off by reviewing the back of the pack looking for the odds and what types of inserts were listed. The pack advertised that there are 401 collector cards available for the 2009-10 season, specialty cards like Club logos and Star player Cards (1 per 2.3 packs) and Match winner cards (1 per 5 packs) on average.

Man-o-man what a treat it was. I opened all five packs in a flash and right off I pulled some great finds. A few to mention, a Star Player card Microslav Klose #249 with a defense and attack rate of 22/73 respectively and a Star Player Card Idannis Amanatidis #89 rated 15/81! If you thought those were great pulls wait until you hear about what kind of sensational finds I discovered in my collectors tin!!! As always I looked up the odds and the collectors tin advertised that every container contained 35 player cards, a game rules booklet, an exclusive limited edition card, and a player chip. I was blown away when I opened the tin, the first card on top of the sealed deck was a “Limited Edition” Lukas Podoski card #LE2 with a 41/95 rating. This is one awesome find I thought. It looks a bit more brilliant than the normal Star Player cards and has a glittery silver background coating to it. I think this is one card I will hold on to and save for my private collection. A few other great pulls were a Match Winner David Jarolim #344 card rated 74/74 “Wow!” and a Match Winner Oliver Neuville #363 card rated 19/78. These two are some beautiful cards and a great addition to any team that you intend to build for the next big game. There is just too much to mention in this short article to describe all the great cards that I found. I recommend that you go to your local vendor and pick up a pack today to find some of these wonderful treasures that Topps Match Attax has to offer.

To see a few more photos check out the gallery at the end of the post!!

For those of you that are new to the game, look up the rules at http://www.toppsfootball.co.uk/matchattax/how_to_play.php for the English version and http://www.toppsfootball.de for the German version.

I am so glad that I was able to join in on the fun over the weekend. If you missed out and didn’t make it to the Mannheim show you’re in luck! The Topps Match Attax tour is booked for the remainder of the month and they are heading all around Germany to all the major locations i.e. Frankfurt, München, Berlin, etc. for the complete listing check out our event report or visit the Match Attax website for the latest information . So don’t miss out visit them in your area and be a part of this growing hobby!

As I mentioned before for the latest news and information on this great tour and all things Match Attax visit www.toppsfussball.de or Co.uk and as always check back at www.CardsFX.com for the latest news and information on card collecting in the community!

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