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Posted on EBAY is a very RARE 2008-09 Sidney Crosby Autographed Upperdeck Ice Rookie Card. This card is graded a perfect 10 for both the card condition and autograph quality.  Check out the link here http://www.ebay.com/itm/121612600296?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

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History of Basketball

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There was a period of time, just a few short decades ago, that not a single company was producing basketball cards – not even industry giant Topps. In 1986, the Fleer Company produced Michael Jordan’s definitive rookie card. As Jordan’s on court career reached new levels of the stratosphere, so too did the value of his rookie card. Basketball card collectors began to re-evaluate the long forgotten art of collecting and created a huge demand for not only new basketball card products, but vintage cards as well.


The Vintage Years

The earliest basketball cards can be traced to the legendary 1933 Sport Kings series, a multi-sport set from the Goudey Gum Company. The set included four basketball players of the era; Eddie Burke, Nat Holman, Joe Lapchick, and Ed Wachter. It would be another 15 years before another basketball set was made and it was in 1948 that Bowman produced its first, and only, hardwood set. This set includes one of the most valuable basketball cards in existence, the George Mikan rookie card. A 72-card, full color set that includes five additional hall of fame players, the ’48 Bowman set is a holy grail for many hoops collectors.

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2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball Cards

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Standard Basketball Cards

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History is dotted with gold seekers. From pirates sailing across seas to the Gold Rush to modern mints and everywhere in between, it’s what we base world currency on. While the importance of trading cards may not be quite that high on the world stage, 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball takes the precious metal theme and runs with it.

As the name implies, 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball is a very high-end set. Expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a single-pack box. With that, collectors get ten cards. These include three autographs, two memorabilia cards and one 2011-12 Draft Class Redemption Autograph. The set also has 2012-13 Draft Class Redemptions randomly inserted.

The list of players in 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball spans generations. Particular focus is on some of the sport’s greatest legends. 24K Autographs has signatures from players who have 24,000 or more career points. 14K Autographs follow a similar theme, showcasing those with 14,000 points in their career. The theme continues into memorabilia cards with 24K Memorabilia Prime and 14K Memorabilia Prime cards. Bullion Brand Logos come with rare tag swatches.

Greatest Graphs delivers more basketball legends, boasting a checklist of players ranked as one the NBA’s 50 greatest. It’s not just  all-time greats that get the spotlight in 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball. Golden Futures Autographs seek out rising stars. Additional autographs can be found on Superscribe cards.

Since the brand’s debut, one of the biggest draws for Gold Standard has been Solid Gold cards made of 14kt gold. 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard doesn’t disappoint, offering a new batch for treasure hunters to seek. Additionally, Gold Rush cards come with a 14kt gold disc.

Estimated Release Date: 7/18/12 Product Configuration: ten cards per box Price Point: High-End Basketball Card Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors,

2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball Box Break

  • 1 Draft Class Redemption
  • 2 Additional Autographs
  • 2 Memorabilia Cards
  • 10 Total Cards

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Nuernberg Card Show – roundup

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This past weekend we visited our Friend Rudi down in Nuernberg at the NUERNBERGER VERSICHERUNG ARENA  for a card show that he hosted. The 4 hour trip was well worth it and for the Hockey enthusiast this is the place to be for picking up the latest and the greatest hockey cards ranging from the newest rookies and DEL cards to high-end autograph and jersey cards. I was very impressed in the turn out, there were 20 dealers setup and in addition to single cards that were being sold, a few of the dealers also had hockey pucks, figurine’s, memorabilia and unopened boxes for sale.  There was a little bit of everything available to warm the heart of the sports collector. Here are a few pictures to give you more of an idea of what the show was all about, I’ll make sure to post the dates of the next show as soon as I receive them!



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New Sports Card Releases

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The new release calendar has just two new sets this week. 2011 Leaf Legends of Sport is an all-autograph multi-sport product featuring lots of big-time signatures. From a galaxy far, far away comes 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7, the latest series of the hugely popular art line that debuted nearly 20 years ago. As always, sketch cards and a gorgeous base set are the draws.

2011 Leaf Legends of Sport

With 2011 Leaf Legends of Sport, the card maker has reached out to several big-name and tough signers. Collectors can look for autographs from Leaf regulars Ichiro and Pete Rose, as well as Mike Piazza, Nolan Ryan, Mike Tyson, Alistar Overeem, Rafael Palmeiro and Charlie Sheen. This is an all-autograph release with three cards per single-pack box.

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Ramstein Community Center, Card & Collectibles Show

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We are happy to announce that there will be a Collectibles Market and Craft Bazar on post in 2012. This Collectibles Market is for a wide range of treasures ranging from Cards and Sport memorabilia to Hummel’s and Kinder Surprise Egg Figures and much much more. Make sure to place February 18th 2012 on your calendar. We are looking forward to this date and hope you are as well. For anyone that is interested in setting up a table contact the Ramstein Community Center for the details… it is reported that a single table is around $15 and a double table $18.

Place: Ramstein Community Center, Ramstein Airforce Base
Hours: 1000-1800
Date: 18 Feb. 2012
Bldg: 411-412.
Phone number: 480-6600 or 06371-47-6600  or 480-3108 or 06371-47-3108

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